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As our name suggests, a focus on workplace design and strategy is the company’s core service.


Our purpose


WDL was established to promote, develop and implement tools, services, skills and learning to ease the pressure on property teams tasked with balancing demand with a rationalised and profitable real estate strategy. WDL has helped to bring a structured and deliverable property plan to many of our clients whilst improving the environment and functionality of office spaces for those that work within them.




We are a resourceful organisation, and pride ourselves on the flexibility that we can offer. All WDL staff have a passion for what they do resulting in projects completed to the finite detail. We have a very creative team committed to finding workable solutions to the most challenging project brief. All of our members of staff are skilled in more than one area of delivery so we are a flexible team and there is always resource available to address the client needs, even at short notice.


The bigger picture


Our space planning and design ethos focuses on ensuring things are build-able, functional and maintainable as well as having a big impact aesthetic. Having worked closely with FM teams within a number of our client organisations we understand the challenges faced once the project team have completed their roles.


Breadth of services


As an organisation with a breadth of workplace based skills, which include Strategic and Workplace consultancy, Interior Design, 3D Planning, Contract Administration, Project Management and furniture design, specification and installation we are accountable for the scheme from inception all the way through to a working and practical delivery.





    With extensive knowledge of space planning norms across a number of sectors and companies ranging from blue chip clients to internationally renowned universities we excel in the management of space data to ensure our clients are utilising their portfolios as efficiently as possible.


    Data gathering and analysis


    Workplace Designs has a number of bespoke and customised methodologies to provide our clients with up to the minute space metrics. We can manage the enterprise space management tool, carry out headcount validations, utilisation studies, churn rates and occupancy alerts. Combined with emerging sensor technology and new ways of working this helps to provide our client with powerful decision making data in a timely manner.




    We use our data to help change the workplace for our clients. This can take the form of efficient layouts for different workstyles, increased utilisation rates through hotdesking, building restacks or strategic long range planning for additional office space.


    With this solid foundation of understanding we are also able to work with our clients to host and present in-house seminars to guide their teams through essential space planning concepts.


    Workplace Designs believe that an office space should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also provide a functional and motivational environment for both staff and visitors to operate in.


    Our goal


    Whether you are relocating, refurbishing or fitting out part of an existing space, our team will work alongside yours from the very beginning, guiding you to make the right choices and decisions, ensuring your completed project embodies a design that best suits your immediate and anticipated business needs, whilst also fulfilling the operational brief


    The process


    After taking the initial brief and liaising with the individual teams and end users we will walk you through a creative design process that will bring the scheme to life through layout drawings, 3D visualisation and mood boards detailing colours, textures, fabrics, wall and floor coverings and furniture. These will give you a thorough feel for the design before it is implemented.




    Following the design consultation period, a full package of services will be provided by our team. This will include working construction drawings, finishes schedules, room data sheets and maintenance advice.


    The interior design defines the personality of the space and is significant in determining how clients wish to represent themselves to users and visitors.


    The first step in the creative process of converting a client brief into a tangible scheme, the concept design gives body to an initial vision of the project.


    Phase output


    This stage brings together the space planning team with the interior designers, producing indicative layout plans and design boards. Combined, these give a feel for division and allocation of space as well as aesthetics and feature areas.


    The value of data


    The quality of data gathered during the briefing stage will dictate the power of this exercise with headcount information proving critical to producing an initial design that can be used to assess project feasibility on behalf of the client.


    Concept design considerations


    Initial budget costings, risk items and buildability factors are all considered at this early stage to ensure the concept design is targeted to the brief and progression to the next stage of design is on an informed basis.


    Clients frequently opt for the development of 3D images as part of the concept design phase to allow them to visualise how their buildings and spaces could be represented.



    We provide a comprehensive service to develop concept design schemes into fully specified construction packs.


    Our deliverables


    Our detailed drawings provide the necessary level of technical information required for the constructor to efficiently build from the scheme. Along with the project specific drawings, a typical construction package would provide:


    - general arrangement layouts            – internal elevations

    - demolition plans                                    – power and data layouts

    - setting out drawings                             – floor and wall finishes drawings

    - reflective ceiling plans                          – construction details


    Our standards


    Our construction packages are clear and easily referenced for tender purposes. They carry a level of detail sufficient for clients to obtain an accurate and easily evaluated quote.


    Delivery phase assistance


    As part of our architectural technology appointment, we provide support to the client and contractor throughout the build process, responding quickly to contractor queries to ensure programme is maintained without the design being compromised. Quality control is also regularly monitored on site on behalf of the client.


    Detailed specification schedules are often provided alongside our construction drawing packages enabling the contractor to easily identify the products and construction methodology required for each aspect of the works. This enhances the quality of the delivered job and provides more control to the client.


    How we help


    We provide technical advice and support to clients and contractors regarding construction materials and products. We can assist in the selection process and inform on the most suitable product taking into account factors such as cost and material quality to improve longevity of design.


    Keeping abreast of innovation


    We are receptive to innovation and where appropriate to the project we will look to specify systems and products that lead the field. We are continuously researching to ensure we are specifying the correct materials to meet the needs of the project, keeping up to date with the latest literature from manufactures and we maintain close contact with specialist companies who assist us in making the optimum product selection.


    We have a thorough understanding of current England & Wales Building Regulations and other applicable legislations and are adept at applying these to our designs.


    At all stages in the design project process our team is aware of and design within the parameters of the statutes that govern the property and construction industry.




    This applies to both the design and project management team and we expect all our staff to go beyond minimum compliance within the boundaries of the brief and budget. Statutory applications and inspections are built into our design programmes and our team will complete applications for consents such as Town Planning and Building Control. Beyond the design stage we fully adopt CDM, Site Waste Management and other legislation that governs project activities in the construction sector.


    Moral code


    We don’t believe in up-specing products where we don’t have to and take pride in our ability to combine form and function to ensure compliance and above in all localities we work in.


    Continued professional development


    Our continued professional development programme provides regular access to latest updates and new developments to keep our knowledge current and develop our staff further.


    Workplace Designs operates according to a full set of policies reflective of best practise standards. These are outlined in more detail on our Compliance page.


    WDL offers a turnkey service under the direction of the Project Management Team. Our PMs are chartered under the RICS and we support new staff through this process to ensure a professional and benchmarked service.


    Uniting the team


    Our Project Managers all have a competent design appreciation and our highly organised team works in a large open studio to provide every opportunity to share and learn from each other’s specialisms and to constructively critique the progress of the project. As a result the team are united under the leadership of the Project Manager ensuring that the commercial and programme objectives of the client are also evaluated daily against the design enabling all team members to deliver their scope of service in a coordinated and therefore effective manner to the benefit of the client.




    With so many aspects to any project, the Project Manager coordinates the deliverables expected from each member of the team. Prioritising actions and decisions based on the critical path whilst still driving the progress of all items down to the final detail requires a high degree of organisation and multi-tasking. Our Project Managers work proactively but also have a decisive response to reactive challenges that often arise.


    Attention to detail


    We believe in attention to detail and when it comes to managing a project and no task is too big or too small. Our PM’s are just as likely to be found moving furniture around to the project is immaculate prior to handover as they are chairing a project meeting.




    As well as providing project management services, as part of the turnkey service offering our PMs also administer building contractors such as the JCT suite. We produce the tender documentation for procurement of contract works, be that via a Traditional or Design & Build route and can advise the client on the best route to meet their objectives


    Loyal to the contract


    We respect the impartiality required to manage a contract between constructor and client and execute this in the most equitable way within the legal framework of the contract. Timely notices and execution of obligations under the contract are well understood so the client can rest assured that they are conducting their project within the surety of a contract.


    Targetted supply chain


    We maintain up to date lists of suitable high quality contractors and suppliers ensuring that there is healthy competition for work giving our clients the best value for money in the process. Importantly we believe it is essential to target contractors and suppliers that are motivated by the type, scale and complexity of the project to deliver successfully.



    Organisations must constantly rethink and adjust their business strategies to meet the dynamic needs of the marketplace.


    The realities of the workplace


    As business groups evolve it is inevitable that they experience the need to change the way they organise and carry out their work. These changes result in churn – the terminology used for moving people or equipment around within an organisation.


    We can help


    Workplace Designs provides a full churn management service, assuming responsibility for the entire process, from coordinating budgets and schedules and managing change communications, right down to the physical move. We can also provide you with consultancy to develop this process so that your organisation can manage churn successfully with either internal or external resources.


    The pieces of the puzzle


    Churn management goes beyond simply coordinating a people move. The planning stage is crucial and the phasing of people, furniture, building works and the client’s business as usual requires a very practical application of problem solving informed by a keen knowledge of the client organisation.


    Workplace Designs have a history of providing outstanding churn management services for internationally recognised organisations for sites throughout the UK and Ireland.


    Our Project Management Team provides strategic and financial planning for real estate using our established modelling tools.


    Our experience


    The strength of our strategic planning team lies in our broad experience of working with innovative blue chip clients with large property portfolios.




    We have a demonstrable proven track record in enabling:


    - reduced operating expenses               – increased productivity

    - reduced personnel costs                      – increased operational flexibility

    - increased efficiency



    Realising the results


    We have repeatedly turned our data modeling and strategic plans into tangible objectives for the property portfolio and space allocation, often seeing them through to completion at the operational level.


    Our programme management experts pride themselves in understanding clients’ requirements and delivering complex programmes within challenging workplace environments, giving due regard to extensive long term objectives.


    The bigger picture


    Taking a longer term contextual view of a client’s needs, the Programme Manager can co-ordinate a sequential schedule of property projects in line with wider corporate strategy.


    Our ethos


    Our experience in delivering programmes that manage risk, time, cost and quality with strong leadership provide clients with complete control and transparency across the process. This is always delivered with a passion, enthusiasm and a strong client focus.




    Effective client reporting is essential for the progress of all programmes of work our brand is important to us and we have a process for reporting but we also appreciate the need for specifics and for targeting information. We will work with our clients to ensure we are communicating the relevant information at the required times.


    Directing the team


    The knowledge of organisational structures enables strong stakeholder management throughout the project process. This is combined with the understanding of project management processes to ensure client objectives are always the priority of the project team




    WDL has integrated staff within the client organisation to enhance the value of the service being provided. We can support secondments on client sites as is often required to gain an adequate knowledge of the business in order to effectively represent them in project work.


    Driving decisions


    Ultimate sign off of the project stages to enable design or budget freezes is often problematic and can be responsible for delays and unnecessary cost increases. WDL Client Representatives aim to socialise recommended decisions in preparation for timely sign off to expedite transition between critical project stages, keeping the project on track.


    Our experienced real estate and construction experts provide a valuable service representing clients on delivery of individual projects or more complex phased strategic programmes.


    We thoroughly believe in the power of detail, and will go out of our way to find the right product. If we can’t find it, we’ll create it.


    Our ethos


    When there is no good solution available in the marketplace, WDL will design and produce bespoke furniture and fittings to achieve the optimum results in an interior scheme. This could be anything from designing meeting tables with special edge and leg details, custom-made banquette seating for a dining area, or back-painted glass whiteboards.


    True to our word


    When available suppliers were unable to provide us with a whiteboard-pen tray that kept the pens and eraser tidy whilst satisfying the design criteria for client meeting rooms, we designed and manufactured our own wall-mounted brushed steel pen trays, which our clients now regularly request. It is these small yet important details that make the project, and give our clients the confidence that we consistently offer the very best solutions for their needs.


    The interfaces


    Our proposed solutions are bolstered by correctly applied systems and we understand the interface between furniture, power, IT and other technologies. Our commitment to researching our client’s business at the outset of a project ensures we can provide the correct compliment of these.



    As part of the interior design schemes that we undertake, WDL will recommend and propose furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) to suit the business needs in each area of the scheme.


    Your needs; our knowledge


    Our experienced FF&E team will call on its comprehensive library of furniture, fabrics, ironmongery, lighting, flooring and wall finishes to provide innovative and attractive yet practical and long-lasting solutions for each project – and to any budget. Our FF&E team prides itself on its knowledge of the latest developments, products and innovations.


    Data solutions


    We are able to offer our clients unparalleled experience and technical knowledge of power and data solutions, such as those required for desking and meeting table environments. We work closely with the client and their M&E contractor to establish how their users work, and will recommend power and data solutions accordingly.


    We are well equipped to advise upon and recommend systems and break-out furniture that enable users to work flexibly.


    According to each design project and the client’s requirements, WDL will work up a schedule of furniture and costs that will comprise final budgets for the furniture element of the project.


    The Admin


    Following specification of each component WDL will take on the task of raising orders to each supplier and liaising with the client and suppliers to ensure the smooth-running of deliveries from multiple suppliers.


    The Programme


    Lead time of furniture, fittings and equipment is often on the critical path. We look to set expectations and manage delivery timescales as part of the proposal and specification stage so there are no unwelcome surprises.


    Our team can always find alternative products or fabrics to mitigate programme risk.



    Workplace Designs offers a full furniture procurement and installation service to compliment the design work that we undertake.


    Our outlook


    From the installation of a single desk, to the complete fit out of brand new office buildings, we pride ourselves on the professional approach we take in every installation. We have vast experience in co-ordinating furniture fit outs and have the necessary resource to deliver down to the final detail. Each project comes with its own challenges but our standards always remain at the same high level.


    Our offering


    Our services include, but are not limited to; pre-installation site surveys, full logistics planning to co-ordinate deliveries and installation, site protection to minimise the risk of damage to the fabric of the building, all with detailed client liaison throughout.


    Occupied sites


    At Workplace Designs we understand that project works must often take place within operational buildings and as such we are sensitive to the needs of the client who very often has staff in occupation. Should it be required, installations can be completed outside of normal working hours and fully phased plans can be provided to minimise disruption to employees.


    The requirements of the client are always at the forefront of the site installation process.


    There are a variety of reasons why a client may wish to commission a Furniture Audit and a number of methods that can be used: at Workplace Designs we have experience in all of these.


    Assessing your furniture


    We provide a range of furniture audits to meet client requirements, ranging from simple desk layout plans to full audits which include soft seating, task chairs and storage capacity. A detailed furniture audit would capture individual furniture item information and can be tailored to include furniture condition, type of storage and/or capacity, as well as a photographic reference.


    Applying the audit output


    We can produce floor plans illustrating existing furniture layouts where each furniture element is coded to link directly to a furniture schedule or a facilities database. Using this information it becomes possible to produce detailed reports on stock, supporting furniture solutions moving forward as well as FM asset replacement or even space allocation and charging databases.


    We use advanced techniques to extract audit data directly from our CAD drawings thereby saving our clients time and money.


    We have provided training for people who have never used a computer to advanced CAD users who simply wish or need to learn additional skills. We are here to help.


    How we can help


    We offer a variety of AutoCAD training courses, ranging from a 1 Day Basics course right up to our 10 Day Course which culminates in a City & Guilds certified examination. We are also able to provide bespoke, one-on-one training to suit individual client requirements.




    A typical training day starts at 09:30 and runs until 17:00 with lunch being provided. Trainees are provided with the full set of workbooks and reference materials required for the programme, which will be theirs to keep. The sessions are punctuated with exercises in which participants immediately practice and apply their learnings, thereby allowing any weaknesses to be addressed immediately.


    Choice of venue


    We recommend that the course be held at our London Training Facility. However, training can take place at clients’ own offices, but note that this type of activity requires a quiet, enclosed environment away from telephones or other business disruptions. Each trainee is required to have a PC with AutoCAD software installed.


    Our aim is to ensure that every trainee derives maximum benefit from the course they attend, regardless of their prior software experience.


    Our CAD teams can assist you with all types of CAD-related drafting work for which we use the latest AutoCAD software.


    Our expertise


    Workplace Designs places great value on the skill and expertise of its CAD Technicians, who regularly participate in in-house training to ensure that their levels of software knowledge remain at the forefront of technological developments.


    Leading by example


    We have an impressive set of company standards that all staff follow to ensure that our work is continually consistent. This allows our team to be ever more flexible in working together on projects where all standards and expectations are the same throughout the team and across all projects.


    Flexibility in service


    Depending on the client’s need, we are able to provide CAD support either from our own offices or allocate staff to work on client sites. Such placements can vary in duration, and we are pleased to consider each project’s requirements on an individual basis.


    The range of measured surveys that has been undertaken by our team spans many sectors, and has included retail spaces, warehousing, technical facilities as well as laboratories.




    Our team of surveyors has over 20 years of experience surveying an extensive range of commercial and residential properties. On-site data is captured using the latest laser measuring technology, which is combined with digital photographic equipment. The output is converted into CAD drawings in a short turn-around period – often this can be accomplished within one day, depending on the size of the project. Clients are provided with the final survey information in the form of electronic files as well as hard copy prints.


    Lease Plans


    WDL produce Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans quickly and efficiently, including Ordnance Survey Location Plans and bespoke colouring to match original lease documentation. Many of the UK’s largest Property Management companies are using this service to meet their Lease Plan requirements.


    A robust measured survey is an essential baseline for successful design.



    At Workplace Designs we are able to produce 3D visualisations of proposed – or indeed existing – projects.


    The benefits of 3D


    Clients frequently favour such presentation methods over the more traditional two-dimensional plans due to their enhanced ability to bring their project to life, allowing decision makers to gain a clearer understanding of a scheme and the overall design of a space.


    Methods of application


    3D modelling can be used as a primary design tool, informing the entire process from the start. From the onset, visuals can be quickly produced as sketch-style images to demonstrate a selection of ideas during the design development phase. These can be progressed to illustrate colour and material options, with more realistic images displaying reflections, transparency and life-like lighting and shading as required. Visuals produced can also be explanatory: we have produced such graphics to illustrate a number of technically advanced solutions for various engineering projects.

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