Measured Surveys & Lease Plans

Project Type:

Measured surveys

What we did:


Floor plans



Land/ Topographical surveys

High/ Low level services

Production of Land Registry compliant Lease Plans

Workplace Designs' lead surveyor has over 20 years experience of building surveys.


On-site data is captured using the very latest laser measuring technology and digital photographic equipment. Survey information is quickly transformed into CAD drawings and provided to our clients in the form of electronic files and hard copy prints.


WDL have carried out hundreds of surveys of a variety of building types, including commercial, retail, residential, warehousing, technical facilities and laboratories.


WDL produce Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans quickly and efficiently, including Ordnance Survey Location plans and bespoke colouring to match original Lease documents. Many of the UK’s largest Property Management companies are using this service to meet their Lease Plan requirements.